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The Activist Tree


The Activist Tree by Zoë Gieringer

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About the film

The Corbett oak stands in a small wild lot in SW Portland, an historic area once home to immigrants and the site of the first urban development project. The tree has a tumultuous past, evident by a scar left from a chain saw in the 1980s. This film tells the story of a community’s fight to save the tree during a time of rapid development.

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About the filmmaker

Zoe was born and raised in Oregon, leaving briefly to earn her BA in Film and TV production atfrom Loyola Marymount University in LA. She works professionally as a short-form editor and cinematographer at a small marketing agency while producing and directing passion projects on the side. Her films cover topics such as gentrification, clean technology, and the intersection of culture and nature. Other interests include botany, ecology, and local history. Her first short documentary, "Make it Trendy," premiered in Bonn, Germany and was screened at the OpenEyes Festival in Marburg, Germany. "In Deep Water," a short documentary about Alabama's antiquated water laws, had several screenings throughout Alabama. "Make it Green," her most recent and longest documentary received a grant through RACC and was screened at the Clinton Street Theater in May 2017.