East of Eden


82nd & Verdant by James Krzmarzick


About the film

Portland's Jade District is one of the most culturally diverse areas of the city and boasts a large and vibrant immigrant population. It is also boxed in by highways, has some of the most polluted air, the lowest amount of tree cover, and many low income households. In the face of a rapidly changing and growing city, what can a community do to improve its health and prosperity while coping with the threat of gentrification as their neighborhood inevitably comes under the eyes of rapacious developers? Can one tree make a difference?

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About the filmmaker

James Krzmarzick is a latecomer to filmmaking. Leaving over a decade of commercial truck driving, his foray began with NW Doc’s DIY program. His first film, “Just Old Trees,” became the catalyst that brought the anthology into action. James has produced short films for Portland Urban Forestry and the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Assoc., volunteers at KBOO radio and participates in Portland’s Improv community.  Having grown up on a 3 acre remnant of Oak savanna in the north Willamette Valley, James draws inspiration from the natural world. He has spent countless hours bathed in the dappled sunlight beneath those trees to which he attributes much of the shape of his being.