b. 1986, HK.


Canopy Stories is a collaborative film anthology that highlights the talent, perspective, and artistic vision of twelve Portland area filmmakers. Each filmmaker has selected a specific tree to tell a story about human relationships to nature and the city. The diversity of the stories and the trees do not reflect a singular editorial voice or vision. Rather, the individual films emphasize the many ways in which humans relate to urban trees.

We invite viewers to join us on a visual journey of introspection as we use storytelling to look at trees for their personal connection and meaning beyond their inherent scientific values.


NW Documentary’s mission is to practice, teach, and share the art of non-fiction storytelling. We offer filmmaking workshops to the public for both youth and adults, create original works and short films for other non-profits, and create a community space for storytellers to support each other’s work.

With the core belief that “everyone has a story and everyone is a storyteller,” NW Documentary makes digital tools accessible so youth, adults, and community organizations can tell their stories. We believe sharing stories of people, places, and culture is relevant to all; building knowledge, empathy and understanding. This mission results in ongoing learning, the creation of new films, and a community that embraces storytellers from all walks of life.